myriam kreativ

myriam kreativ

Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Impuls des Tages 28.01.2013

" List 13 practial tips for a happy life..."

And here are mine....

1   .Love yourself,  be yourself and be honest in the serious matters - always!
2  . Be generous. Give people more than they expect.. All the love and good thoughts will be back
     -      you can rely on!
3.   Never expect something of somebody that you are not willing to give.
4.   Try to look at the glass as  nearly full and never as almost empty.
5.   Love yourself, love your family and friends and take good care of the ones you love
6.   Smile, dance, laugh every single  minute possible  during the day.
7.   Try to learn yoga, awareness and Reiki - if possible before you are turning 80 *lol*
8.   Be bold and courageous.
9.   Stand for what you believe ... nobody else will do that for you!
10. Eat chocolate and drink coffee - it`s not necessary... but it makes life easier... and much more fun.
12  Be creative in any way you like.... paint, write, scrap, knit, sew... whatever makes YOU happy -
     .  and do that one ONLY FOR YOURSELF ... it doesn`t matter what other people think about.
11. Have a pet .... they love you whatever you do... always... and they cannot talk *lol*.
12. Read lots of books because they can thrill you, make you happy, make you cry, laugh and think...
13. Never, ever  stop dreaming!!!

Would love to read about your practical life tips.....


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